Cost reduction and Process Improvement

Enabling you to operate at superior levels of sustained performance by reducing your cost burden and improving your company’s processes.

The significance of cost reduction and process improvement

Most professional service firms recognize the benefits of operating efficiently and effectively. They understand that cost reduction can lead to attractive cost differentiation opportunities. Furthermore, saved costs allow for investment in business development. That trait is a key characteristic of a proactive rather than reactive organisation, and provides a firm with a secure base even in economic downturns.

What is the challenge?

Many firms struggle to establish what type of transformation is feasible. Others encounter difficulties defining the right metrics to enable measurement of performance. On top of that, they face pricing pressure from clients, new entrants undercutting them, and a general expectation from their clients to offer faster turnaround times.

How we help?

Our goal is to transform your organisation into an agile professional service firm. We help you tackle these challenges by providing three tailored services. Our savings assessment report provides an initial examination of the potential cost reductions available within your firm. By analysing your business further, our team of expert advisors can also deliver quick-win cost reduction interventions focused on a specific area of your business. Our third service focuses on a holistic transformation, by improving processes and reducing costs across your whole business. Firms most often invest the subsequent savings into the rest of our services, such as marketing and sales initiatives or entering a new market. View these three services in more detail below:

Cost Reduction Opportunity Assessment

Providing you with an indication of the potential savings your firm could achieve.

Quick-Win Cost Reduction

Realising improvements that swiftly boost your bottom line and reduce risk.

Lean-Growth Transformation

Transforming your business into a “lean and mean” machine ready to boost profitability with constant cost reduction and continuous improvement.