Cost reduction Opportunity Assessment

Providing you with an indication of the potential savings your firm could achieve.

The significance and challenge of implementing Cost reduction Opportunity Assessments

Throughout professional service firms around the world, the concept of a ‘business process’ can often be far less familiar than in industrial organisations. However, the size of potential savings in professional service firms is significant, with research revealing considerable waste across the sector. It is a firm’s duty to at least explore the size of the cost saving opportunity they could realise.

Our approach

In exchange for a small investment, we analyse key areas of your business and provide a savings assessment report. We assess your value-chain activities, identify key cost drivers and benchmark them against our unique research data and industry standards. The results of the report are presented to senior leaders and stakeholders, pinpointing where to most effectively direct efforts for maximum return.


Implementing the recommendations from our savings assessment report will:

• Boost profit and increase margins
• Enhance service quality and improve customer experience
• Support growth by freeing up resources such as staff time that can be used in business development activities
• Prevent the need to constantly ‘re-invent the wheel’
• Help you focus on your core business and outsource any non-key activities
• Enable you to address supply constraints on key professional skills by automating processes