Lean Growth Transformation

Transforming your business into a “lean and mean” machine ready to boost profitability with constant cost reduction and continuous improvement.

The significance of Lean Growth Transformation

Having a culture of continuous cost reduction is a key ingredient for successful professional service firms. This enables them to realise continuous cost reduction and build competitive advantages on their low-cost structures. By being more proactive, they set the grounds for future growth while ensuring they survive in downturns and have the necessary resources to invest on developing the business.


Based on our experience, we have concluded that firms do not usually have experience in assessing the cost and performance of processes. When looking at the effectiveness of a process, a firm rarely accounts for the fact that each member of staff has a different performance capability, and this has a knock-on effect on the service profitability. Processes that have been used for many years remain in place without any assessment as to whether they are cost-effective. Even if they were automated, they are still inefficient. Typical cases where we observe waste include the wrong delegation of work, with highly qualified personnel performing low-level tasks. .

Our approach

By combining deep and unique analytical and practical approaches, our team helps you transform your business across the value chain spectrum by first identifying and realising cost reductions and subsequently applying continuous improvement by reducing errors in your processes. By removing the impediments for growth, we enable the development of a scalable cost platform and then design and implement a growth strategy that is aligned to continuous cost saving. Freed resources are then used to fund growth and deliver on the mission.