Quick-Win Cost Reduction

Realising improvements that swiftly boost your bottom line and reduce risk.

The significance of Quick-Win Cost Reduction

Our research findings and experience show that almost every organisation has significant opportunities for realising rapid and direct cost savings. We’ll help you determine which areas to focus on by using methodologies such as Lean Six Sigma, which ideally fits the challenges and unique characteristics of professional service firms.

What is the challenge?

Most firms are unaware of the waste in their organisation and the high RoI that they would achieve if they were to invest in a cost reduction initiative. They mistakenly believe it would take significant time and effort to achieve any substantial savings. However, cost reductions and process improvement initiatives can bring many benefits, such as improving the bottom line, funding urgent investments or boosting cash flow.

How we help?

Our approach

We take a structured and detailed approach that quickly realises cost-saving opportunities on a specific area of your business. We know your industry and have the insight on where to typically find the source of big waste.

We employ a four-step process to do this: first, we structure the effort; next, our analysis leads to a set of recommendations; decisions are then made on which efficiencies will be made; and finally, those savings are realised through decisive action. We also work to organise your workforce and processes to ensure future sustained cost savings after our intervention.