Growth Strategy

Transforming your firm and realising its full digital potential with a team of experienced experts.

The significance of growth strategy

In today’s competitive environment, growth is on the agenda of every professional service firm. But as services move to being more commoditised, and your business becomes more dynamic in order to meet constantly changing demands, differentiating is difficult. Increased pressure on fees is the inevitable result.

What is the challenge?

Key decision makers in professional service firms around the world realise stagnating is not an option, but research shows the majority of firms do not reach their year-on-year growth goals. Complex, experimental and chaotic processes undermine their best intentions – and growth remains stubbornly difficult to achieve.

How we help?

Our goal is to help professional service firms like yours build systems and understandings that ensure you deliver on your targets. Our range of services is designed to do exactly that. Our experience enables you to develop consistent methodologies that help increase your revenue and profit. By combining our suite of proprietary techniques, breakthrough research capabilities and a network of specialists experienced in the professional services sector, we bring rigour and order to your growth plans. From launching new service offerings to strengthening existing services, building alliances, improving marketing performance, and breaking into new markets, we provide all the support and guidance you need.

Service Innovation

Providing the tools, insight and resources to launch new services that drive significant revenue and profit.


Offering insight to ensure you find, develop and create the best synergies for profitable business growth.

New Market Expansion

Assessing and managing the implementation of your firm’s profitable expansion into new geographic markets.

Existing Market Development

Using your existing resources to maximise revenue and profit from current and untapped opportunities.