Existing market development

Using your existing resources to maximise revenue and profit from current and untapped opportunities.

The significance of developing your existing market.

Strengthening your market penetration is a low-risk strategy to increase your revenue and market share. By capitalising on your firm’s existing resources and capabilities, you can dramatically boost sales of your existing services in your current market.


Often, what seems simple can prove difficult to execute. Professional service firms frequently suffer from inefficient sales and marketing processes. They can struggle to communicate their value proposition. And they can be frustratingly boxed into just one service provision in the minds of their clients.

Our approach

We will help you break free from those constraints. From increasing your current market share through to driving out competitors or increasing the range of services your existing clients use from you, our offering is tailored to your specific needs. You’ll discover how to develop a full sales funnel, as well as generate repeat business and referrals, simply by adding structure, insight and efficiency to your sales efforts.

A subset of our services includes:

  • Choosing and implementing the systems and technologies that will best support your sales and marketing efforts
  • Organising, building and coaching your sales team on soft skills and negotiation techniques
  • Designing or improving sales processes to increase conversion
  • Building retention strategies to secure clients on long-term contracts
  • Pricing strategies that establish market dominance
  • Shaping your service offering into effective and attractive bundles
  • Designing and running results-driven inbound and outbound marketing campaigns
  • Developing your referrals network
  • Sourcing the best available talent if demand exceeds your capability