New Market Expansion

Assessing and managing the implementation of your firm’s profitable expansion into new geographic markets.

The significance of New Market Expansion

Expanding into new markets offers exciting opportunities for professional service firms. From increasing your portfolio with significant overseas clients through to savings delivered by operating in cost-effective territories, your growth strategy can help you survive and thrive in a crowded market.


The decision to venture into new geographical markets requires detailed insight. Establishing local customer needs, building market partnerships and launching a location-specific website reflecting the market’s characteristics are just some of the challenges to tackle. For many professional service firms, their current models will not suffice.

Our approach

We can help you identify and enter new markets, and exploit opportunities for profitable growth. By assessing factors such as market size, competitors and customer needs, you’re more able to make informed choices about your next steps and tailor any decisions according to your budget, business goals and objectives. Our global talent network can further strengthen your entry into any new location.

A subset of our services includes:

  • Market research to determine the most attractive target markets
  • Feasibility/cost-benefit analysis
  • Go-to-market strategy using your core business capabilities
  • Designing your organisational structure
  • Global talent sourcing
  • Office space set-up
  • Ensuring legal and regulatory compliance
  • Leveraging technology to build any necessary infrastructures
  • Marketing strategy design and implementation