Strategic Alliances Partnering

Offering insight to ensure you find, develop and create the best synergies for profitable business growth.

The significance of Strategic Alliances Partnering

Are your ambitions larger than your current capabilities? Partnering with an outside organisation can power your growth both domestically and globally. One fifth of a typical firm’s revenue comes from partnership: from referral agreements to mergers and joint ventures, we can help.


Partnerships offer enormous potential, but there are still challenges to consider. Hidden costs, inefficient management, and loss of operational control are just some of the potential issues. A contingency plan should your partner’s performance drop, or they experience financial difficulties, is also important.

Our approach

We’ll work closely with your leadership team to help you understand your best potential partners based on your objectives, strategy, current resources and preferred partnership type. From guidance on the structuring of the partnership through to negotiation, implementation and ongoing monitoring of the partnership performance, our trained experts provide all the support and advice you need to grow your business.

A subset of our services includes:

  • Partner identification and selection
  • Strategy development
  • Organisational and process design for effective management and collaboration
  • Due diligence
  • Deal structuring
  • Legal advice
  • Monitoring partnership performance